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Microscope Work Chambers creating the right environment for embryos & cell cultures.
emCell work chambers are microscopical work areas that provide long term stable environment for handling gametes, oocytes, embryos, stem cells and other tissues dependent on a controlled environment.
emCell work chambers have been developed in conjunction with leading IVF laboratories and knowledge gained from a decade of manufacture of the popular HD IVF Chamber.
The advancement in reproductive technology and stem cell sciences demands higher standards for cell environment and working conditions and our chambers meet these to provide, clean, safe, ergonomic design for long term microscopy.
emCell work chambers provide
  • CO2 controlled atmosphere with latest infra red CO2 technology to maintain the PH of media and culture solutions.
  • Uniform temperature within the enclosed area for safe long term microscopical evaluation.
  • Humidified work area preventing desiccation of tissue.
  • Fan circulated HePa filtered air, providing culture and operator safety from microbiological and viral organisms.
  • Carbon filtered circulation, VOC free atmosphere for safe embryo development.
  • Ergonomically designed for lab bench operation, or with optional mobile trolleys, which are height adjustable, for seated or standing operation.
  • Unique on/off timer to conserve CO2 and power and be in operation and ready as required.